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All classes at Desorda's Martial Arts Academy are ongoing.  Anyone may join at anytime.

We except students, ages 4 through adult, regardless of experience.

Group Classes & Times:

Tiny Tiger's - Ages 4 to 6

Junior's - Ages 7 to 12

Teen/Adult - Ages 13 and Up

Special Needs - Ages 7 & Up

Family Classes - Ages 6 thru Adult

**NOTE: Family classes are meant for everyone, minus our 4 & 5 year olds. It is expected, that if a young child (age 6 to12) is going to participate in this class, that an adult or 13 + Sibling, will participate as well.

Private lessons are also available. (See Master Desorda for details.)


For program schedules, specials and pricing, please submit your info here. You will receive a PDF via email, with all requested information. Thank you!!!

Thanks for submitting!

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